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Tim Radville


A little cinemagraph action of the view from my desk.

Beamsplitter Reflections on Flickr.

New beamsplitter shots up on the flickr.

Eggs and Spinach on Flickr.

Photographed some breakfast foods last weekend. This is one of my new favorite foods. Sautéed Spinach with eggs and a spicy brown butter sauce on top. So simple. So good.

Coney Island Abandoned Lot on Flickr.

First photos in a long time up on The Flickr. Coney Island and Beacon NY.

Big E on Flickr.

Also on facebook are a few shots from the Big E that I took between eating fried food and doughnuts stuffed with ice cream.

Biker in the Rain on Flickr.

Took my camera out in the rain yesterday.

Yonkers Canoe Club on Flickr.

Another shot from the Yonkers Canoe Club.

Yonkers Canoe Club on Flickr.

While on a shoot a couple weeks back I had the opportunity to step into the Yonkers Canoe Club. The club has been around since 1886 and has been at its current location on the Hudson river since 1938. While there I was lucky enough to run into longtime member Andy Hudak (shown below), who took a few moments to show us around and tell us a little history. He had a great story about paddling a canoe that was cut in half by a powerboat back in 1998 and had a newspaper clipping and the bent paddle he was holding at the time to prove it.

New York City (Brooklyn) Color Run, 2013 on Flickr.

Managed to get real close to the action this year. #happiest5k

New York City (Brooklyn) Color Run, 2013 on Flickr.

Shots from the Brooklyn Color Run up on flickr. #happiest5k #outex